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Thread your fishing line through a fishing hook in seconds!



Click on video for demonstration.

HOOKY® Made in USA

Hook types

Best used for size 14 through 1/0 standard hooks.

Typical for catching Crappie, Trout, Bream fish and Bass.

Patent Pending

Attach to your pole , a pen, a dowel or just use it from your hand.

Place fishing hook eye in slot

Guide the line through the channel 

and lift the threaded fishing hook. 

Your ready to tie your favorite fishing knot!


Select  jigs, flies, and other lures can be threaded.

Ready to tie

Try a clinch knot or improved clinch knot for fastest way to wet your hook.


Submit your questions. We will answer as soon as we are back from fishing! 



($2.00 shipping)

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Price shown for one HOOKY®. 

Tennessee residents add 78 cents tax per unit.

     Bulk orders are encouraged.  Bait shops, fishing suppliers, clubs etc. can contact us at for details. 

Can't see to thread your hook?

Do you lose time fishing due to:

Poor eyesight > Dim Light > Boat rocking

Wind > Rain > cold fingers

 all are frustrating just to thread a line

through your hook.


With a HOOKY you can thread your hook in seconds!

Order a HOOKY® today:


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Friendsville, TN 37737, USA


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